TripleStack Drum Velocity Control

Qualitek Adds TripleStack Drum Velocity Control to Quality Control System (QCS)

Corrugators control machine direction warp by varying the tension of the web as it feeds from the bridge. With older designed web guides this can be challenging. Qualitek’s QCS now enables control of machine direction warp by providing the wet-end operator a means of adjusting web tension by incrementing or decrementing the speed of the TripleStack drums in relation to current machine speed.

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Select Qualitek and use the + and – buttons to increment and decrement the speed of the individual drums. The green “In Use” and “Qualitek” buttons indicate that QCS is controlling drum speed. The gray circles display the actual drum velocity in ft/min and the blue buttons show the % each drum velocity is greater or less than the current machine speed shown in the left hand corner of the display.

TS Drum Control Screen

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