Visual Performance Management

Visual Management Displays

Corrugator Scoreboard

Qualitek’s Flat Screen Corrugator Scoreboard Display enhances corrugator productivity by providing instant visibility on corrugator metrics – speed (current, average, goal), shift lineal and lineal to the next paper change, shift downtime, number of stops and even your own customized message.


Dry End and Wet End Marquees

Qualitek’s Flat Screen Marquee Displays for the wet end and dry end improve efficiency of the corrugator crews by providing enhanced visibility of important information to the appropriate individuals on the corrugator. Information on paper requirements and specifications for the order are displayed in multiple screens to give operators an instant view of what is required for them to deliver paper or to do their board checks as required for the order.


Qualitek Anywhere

Qualitek Anywhere™ provides visibility into your corrugating operations from your web browser (desktop or tablet) or smart phone–no matter where you are!

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