Monitoring Products

QualiTemp Monitor

The QualiTemp Monitor assists corrugator operators in centerlining the heat on the corrugator either by adjusting preheater wraps or doublebacker ballast / steam as required. It provides a visual display of paper temperatures at the corrugator. An optional dual alarm light stack indicates high or low temperature limit violations.



CorrVisor is a starter real time supervisory monitoring system that assists operators in making the right adjustments to the corrugator to achieve optimal conditions via the “best run settings” for each board grade. The system utilizes feedback from real time measurements of temperatures, speeds, metering roll gaps, etc. compares these to the best run settings and visually indicates to operators the changes that should be made.



Qualitek’s Q-Alert (Quality Alert) is an easy to install system for monitoring, displaying and alarming individual temperatures of corrugator components such as the hot plates, corrugating and pressure rolls and preheaters. An optional E-Stop Display provides an instantaneous status of all corrugator equipment
stop circuits.


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