Control Systems

Corrugator Control Systems

Production Control System (PCS)

Optimally operates the wet end of the corrugator with functions such as: bridge controls, end of roll splicing, butt roll minimization, synchronized splicing and automatic initiation of the order change on a paper change.   Corrugator speed is maximized consistent with board quality and order constraints.


Quality Control System (QCS)

Runs the corrugator at the “best-run-settings” (recipes) for every grade to produce quality board from the start.  Controls heat applied by adjusting wrap arms, doublefacer ballast and hot plate steam zones.  Also controls the metering roll gaps at the singlefacers and glue machine.  Best run settings are updated as required by the operator or automatically.


Quality Control System Lite

This is a starter Quality Control System which is limited to certain areas of the corrugator such as the doublebacker preheaters, doublefacer ballast, etc.  Controls are recipe-based and are identical to the Quality Control System.  The system can be expanded to include other areas such as the glue machine, singlefacers, etc.


Bridge Speed Controls

The speed of the singlefacers are matched to the doublebacker while maintaining an operator enterable target amount of paper on the bridge  – a valuable means for controlling warp.   The operator can initiate filling of the bridge before a splice and a slow down to splice speed.  The system can be modularly expanded to the Production Control System.


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