PFFC Steam Remoisturization Article

The following article on the benefits of steam remoisturization for paper based label manufacturers appeared in the Coating Matters column of the July 22, 2014 issue of PFFC (Paper, Film and Foil Converter) magazine.

PFFC Steam Remoisturization Article

It was co-authored by Mark Miller, founder and President of Coating Slot Dies, LLC of Eau Claire, WI and Joe Martin with Qualitek.

Mark is an expert on coating technology and a regular editorial contributor to PFFC magazine.  He can be reached at:

(715) 544-7568 Office

(715) 456-9545 Mobile

Joe has authored papers and given presentations on manufacturing automation to the corrugating and converting industries.  He can be reached at:

(321) 252-3311 Office

(321)  615-7712 Mobile

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