A Customized Touchscreen for the Knife Operator

A Customized Touchscreen for the Knife Operator

The corrugator knife operator at an integrated sheet feeder wanted single touch (quick) ability to set the speed of the corrugator from the dry end. Because of speed changes that are dictated by a large number of short orders and a multitude of paper changes a fast way of setting the speed of the corrugator was needed. The plant requested that Qualitek engineer a solution to enable this when they decided to install a new doublebacker.

The following touch screen display at the knife operator’s console illustrates the solution Qualitek provided:
Double Backer Control Screen

From this display the operator can do the following very easily:

• Set the speed to one of two preset cruise speeds
(e.g. 450 and 850 ft/min)
• Raise or lower the speed incrementally by toggling the Fast and Slow buttons.
• Stop the corrugator or singlefacers with the red Stop button.
• Ramp the speed of the singlefacers up or down if bridge control is in manual mode.

The plant manager says that his knife operators are ecstatic with these capabilities because it was designed by them and implemented by Qualitek. This is an example of the customization that Qualitek provides for their clients.

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