Converting Scorekeeper Shift Performance Add-On

A Practical Measure of Performance for your Finishing Machines

How do you give your finishing machine crews a real-time assessment of how they have performed during the shift and how do YOU know, at a glance, how they have performed?

Qualitek’s Shift Performance display does precisely that – gives you an At-A-Glance view of Shift Performance vs Standards for the jobs that ran.


The above numbers summarize the non-productive time for the shift. The +/- times shown for each operation are the cumulative delta times in minutes that the crew has performed against job standards. For example, they have done better for setups (by 5 minutes) but not as well while running the jobs (+21 minutes).

The advantages in this approach:

  • It is simple for machine crews and management to understand
  • It takes into account standards for the job – which were used in pricing the job
  • It points out areas for improvement

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