Introducing Converter Scorekeeper Shift Performance Add-On

Qualitek is pleased to introduce a Shift Performance display add-on for its Converting Scorekeeper products. The Shift Performance display provides a novel At-A-Glance display of the Shift Performance vs. Job standards on the plant floor and gives your crews an easy real-time assessment of their current shift performance. Click here to find out more!

A major integrated in the Southeast was looking for a way to automatically determine  the quantity of shear chops initiated for each shift.  Although shear waste was supposed to be manually weighed for each shift, it was not done regularly and in a timely manner.  Qualitek was asked to develop a solution which would take less time and less manpower to provide consistent measurement. Click here to find out more


The following article on the benefits of steam remoisturization for paper based label manufacturers appeared in the Coating Matters column of the July 22, 2014 issue of PFFC (Paper, Film and Foil Converter) magazine.

PFFC Steam Remoisturization Article

It was co-authored by Mark Miller, founder and President of Coating Slot Dies, LLC of Eau Claire, WI and Joe Martin with Qualitek.

Mark is an expert on coating technology and a regular editorial contributor to PFFC magazine.  He can be reached at:

(715) 544-7568 Office

(715) 456-9545 Mobile

Joe has authored papers and given presentations on manufacturing automation to the corrugating and converting industries.  He can be reached at:

(321) 252-3311 Office

(321)  615-7712 Mobile

A Customized Touchscreen for the Knife Operator

The corrugator knife operator at an integrated sheet feeder wanted single touch (quick) ability to set the speed of the corrugator from the dry end. Because of speed changes that are dictated by a large number of short orders and a multitude of paper changes a fast way of setting the speed of the corrugator was needed. The plant requested that Qualitek engineer a solution to enable this when they decided to install a new doublebacker.

The following touch screen display at the knife operator’s console illustrates the solution Qualitek provided:
Double Backer Control Screen

From this display the operator can do the following very easily:

• Set the speed to one of two preset cruise speeds
(e.g. 450 and 850 ft/min)
• Raise or lower the speed incrementally by toggling the Fast and Slow buttons.
• Stop the corrugator or singlefacers with the red Stop button.
• Ramp the speed of the singlefacers up or down if bridge control is in manual mode.

The plant manager says that his knife operators are ecstatic with these capabilities because it was designed by them and implemented by Qualitek. This is an example of the customization that Qualitek provides for their clients.

Qualitek Adds TripleStack Drum Velocity Control to Quality Control System (QCS)

Corrugators control machine direction warp by varying the tension of the web as it feeds from the bridge. With older designed web guides this can be challenging. Qualitek’s QCS now enables control of machine direction warp by providing the wet-end operator a means of adjusting web tension by incrementing or decrementing the speed of the TripleStack drums in relation to current machine speed.

Page two

Select Qualitek and use the + and – buttons to increment and decrement the speed of the individual drums. The green “In Use” and “Qualitek” buttons indicate that QCS is controlling drum speed. The gray circles display the actual drum velocity in ft/min and the blue buttons show the % each drum velocity is greater or less than the current machine speed shown in the left hand corner of the display.

TS Drum Control Screen

This customer wanted a custom scoreboard display in the office to show the current speed of the corrugator vs. optimal speed, timeline data showing if the lineal produced is ahead or behind schedule and a recording of stops and accumulated downtime.

This 10 minute presentation on how Qualitek’s Process Improvement Network can help corrugators troubleshoot and optimize their processes was presented October 8th in the “What’s New” session for TAPPI’s CorrExpo 2013.

Now it is possible to see how your corrugator is running from anywhere with your smart phone or other wireless device!

Current corrugator speed and the average speed for the shift are displayed along with the lineal feet produced, downtime and number of stops during the shift.

Figure 1photo


A shift summary report for the time the corrugator ran under automatic controls vs. manual can also be viewed with the touch of a button.

Figure 2

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