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Qualitek Anywhere

Now it is possible to see how your corrugator is running from anywhere with your smart phone or other wireless device!

Current corrugator speed and the average speed for the shift are displayed along with the lineal feet produced, downtime and number of stops during the shift.

Figure 1photo


A shift summary report for the time the corrugator ran under automatic controls vs. manual can also be viewed with the touch of a button.

Figure 2

Call us or send an email to to find out how you can obtain this app for your smart phone or wireless device.

Qualitek PanelViews Time Fix

When time changes occur between Daylight Savings and Standard Time, you will need to change the time on your PanelView interfaces. This can be easily accomplished using the following procedure:

Step 1: Navigate to the maintenance screen.

Maintenance Button

Step 2: Push the white hidden button.

White Button

Step 3: Push “Terminal Settings”.

Terminal Settings

Step 4: Navigate down to “Time/Date/Regional Settings” and press enter.

Time/Date/Regional Settings

Step 5: Navigate to “Time” and press enter.


Step 6: Enter the correct time and press enter.

Enter time

Step 7: Press the back button until you get to this screen. Then press “Run Application”.

Run Application